A week in images: day 16


February 11, 2013 by allsho

Announced and somehow feared, the snow came.

Home sweet home, today.

Home sweet home, today.

And my totally useless effort for clearing the pathway and spreading salt, with it.

In spite of the heavy blanket covering the garden, some presences, protected by the thick branches above, resist and magnify their contribution of colour in the white surroundings.

Home sweet home, today.

Home sweet home, today.

Now the real challenge will be recovering and taking to safety the rest of the tribe.

My wife, not too confident when it comes to driving in these adverse meteorological conditions, will be the first one to be collected by the snow-bus (my black Panda, that is), and then the children, whose kindergarten lies on top of an otherwise lovely slope, and that, I am afraid, will be the difficult part.

Because the roads are being cleared and freed, but from what I saw doing the same job here in front, the snowfall is heavy enough to make the effort of the authorities in charge quite pointless.

It’s true, snow can cause trouble. But I’m probably still a child at heart, and I cannot help it, I am always glad when I see flakes falling from the sky. Even without thinking of the blessing it means for the aquifers, it gives me the same joy as many and many winters ago.


One thought on “A week in images: day 16

  1. […] I have published some pictures already: here, here, here, here, here, here, here and […]

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