A week in images: day 20


February 15, 2013 by allsho

I’m getting ready for a journey abroad.

To a sunny, warm Mediterranean city where I plan to forget about snow, fog and coldness. To a Mediterranean city with rainy forecast for the days of my staying.

One of the first, necessary, most important preparations is the choice of readings to take with me.

I won’t have much time to read, but at least during the flights, if I don’t fall asleep, I’d love to have something more interesting than the Alitalia magazine (which, in truth, is not bad usually).

I think I decided my course of action. I’ll load and charge my kindle, and shove it in my hand luggage. And I’ll check at the Linate bookshop, between check-in and security, if I can find something papery to buy before the flight.

Apart from the omnipresent crosswords magazine, which I am surely going to purchase before flying, there are two kinds of books I’ll consider buying, if I find them.

One is Andrea Camilleri’s small police novels about Commissario Montalbano. Written in a fantastic mixture of Italian and Sicilian (as the novels are set in Sicily), their problem is, though, that I’ve read so many, and I’ve seen movies of so many more of them that it’s always difficult for me remembering which titles of the ever-growing series I shouldn’t consider. But they are, for me, “the” books for flights.

Another option is taking a look at the city I’m going to visit through the eyes of either Pepe Carvalho or Petra Delicado, who work there. Police novels again, but I find it’s the best kind of reading, as I’ll be working all day and I need something entertaining, catchy and easy for the spare moments.

I’ll see what I can get. Reading, anyway, is to me one of the best aspects of travelling. I’ve read in an interesting blog that Emily Dickinson once wrote that a book is the best ship to travel far. She would say so. I would humbly add that a book is also one of the best travel companions you can get, if you really are on a journey. A book and good shoes (waterproof, that is).

Home sweet home, today.

Home sweet home, today.


2 thoughts on “A week in images: day 20

  1. Thanks for reading/linking my post! 🙂 I think that your post interesting too!
    Nora’s Suitcase

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