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February 27, 2013 by allsho

[Where’s my backpack – Travel Theme: Bridges]

I’ve seen many interesting bridges, but I’ve taken pictures of few.

Around where I live, there are some amazing ones, dating back several centuries, built in stone and now protected (well, of course they are not suitable for our vehicles and traffic intensity).

One of them is in Bobbio. Wikipedia says there are documents dating 1196 witnessing that the bridge was being maintained, so even if we don’t know exactly how old it is, surely it’s more than 800 years old. The picture is probably as old as that, as I took it when I was a little boy.

Bobbio, Italy, early Nineties.

Bobbio, Italy, early Nineties.

Probably the most amazing thing that I’ve seen and it’s called a bridge, although it’s actually an aqueduct bridge, is the Pont du Gard, in southern France, not far from Nimes. It was built by the Romans around 20 b.C.. Besides its majesty and perfect preservation after all these years, it’s also mentioned in one of my favourite novels, The Count of Monte Cristo, by mr Alexandre Dumas sr. So when I went to visit it, also in my youth and when I took this picture, I had the feeling, you know: “wait a minute… but I’ve read about this place… wow!”. I was disappointed, later, when I took the book in my hands so see where and how it was mentioned, and I found out it was just the name of an inn, actually not even in the vicinities of the bridge itself, where some of the villains gather and conspire against poor Edmond Dantes.

Le Pont du Gard, France, 1994.

Le Pont du Gard, France, 1994.

Coming to modern times, I don’t exactly know the names of the bridges on river Thames in London. There’s one that’s painted. And if you compare it with the previous, being painted makes a big difference. Especially because everything around it isn’t. So here it is.

London, 2007.

London, 2007.

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