Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Roads


April 12, 2013 by allsho

[Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Roads]

Not that I am a control freak, but if I take a road, I like to know where it’ll take me. And since I think I can say I have a good sense of direction, it seldom happens that I have no idea where a path is going to take me.

But roads are symbolic elements too, and I find that in this sense having a clear perspective and a precise notion of the destination is not always possible, and hardly ever an easy job.

This is why I chose these two pictures. The first one was taken maybe a month ago, while I was going to work on a secondary road to avoid traffic. Here I like the ambiguous way this narrow road behaves, with a sharp bend out of sight and anyway plunging into the misty countryside.


The second one was taken in the mountains last August. In this case it’s a tricky track. It looks smooth, easy, straight and leading right to the destination, the Sciliar massif. It actually is smooth, and easy and straight. The problem is that between the plateau the track crosses and the massif there is a valley, and if that mountain is your destination, once you reach the end of the green fields, you’ll have a nice view on a slope going down, a village down there, then another slope going up again, another plateau like this one, and there, finally, the roots of the mount you’re heading to. And this is when you start thinking: it’s not the destination, it’s the journey!



7 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Roads

  1. stefanieshaw says:

    I always have my GPS with me when I go wandering – But it’s not to find where I’m going, it’s so I can find my way home! Usually I don’t need to take it out, and am quite good at back tracking, but sometimes.

    Either way, neat!

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Your scenery if gorgeous!! Marvelous road shots! Thanks for participating!

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  4. […] Cee's Fun Photo Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Roads […]

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