Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Two items & Travel Theme: Stone & A Word A Week: Two


December 15, 2013 by allsho


Well, yes, I’m writing but not for the blog, sorry. As soon as I hand in my thesis I hope things will change a bit.

And sometimes I’m also taking short trips with my family.

Such as this one, at the end of October. Over here the weather forecast was awful. But we wanted to go have some panigacci (hard to explain what they are, maybe I’ll write a post about them sooner or later), a typical preparation of a place not too far from where we live, let’s say about 60 kms, at the northmost end of Tuscany. The catch is that it’s across the mountain ridge. And that might mean a completely different weather.

And it actually meant a completely different weather. The sky was overcast, but from time to time we had some blue sky peeping out, and even some sun beams warming us. The panigacci were a success, even with our children (who are, I must admit, used to different tastes and textures).

So on our way back, reluctant to plunge back into the rain on our side of the mountains, we stopped at a pretty village, Pontremoli. Still Tuscany. A small town with a castle, narrow roads, and a lovely atmosphere.

So these guys were waiting for us at the entrance to the castle gangway.



And as we passed by them, the sun was shining at its day’s best. So, really, we weren’t frightened or put off, and we passed by waving at what we thought of as an old grumpy couple who still could smile at our children’s shouts and confusion, especially on a fine autumn day.


(Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge)

(Where’s my backpack – Travel Theme)

(A Word In Your Ear – A Word A Week Challenge)


2 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Two items & Travel Theme: Stone & A Word A Week: Two

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Looks like a great view!! Wonderful entry for all the challenges!

  2. […] as I was saying yesterday, later in the afternoon the sun tried shyly his way among the clouds and managed to bring back some […]

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